Sharepoint for Mexico Businesses

Deploy SharePoint Servers in France rapidly with DNSnetworks


Spin up infrastructure for your private SharePoint server for your business. Scale out your production SharePoint deployments by instantly adding more resources. Simplify deployment and configuration with ready-to-deploy images and templates that are based on tried and tested configurations, and reduce the time to deploy complex SharePoint farms from days to minutes.

Host your SharePoint sites in secure Datacenters


Structured pricing from DNSnetworks helps you save money. For development and testing, take advantage of DNSnetworks benefits to reduce software licensing costs. Spin up additional servers as needed for scale and load testing over short periods of time and remove them when you’re finished. Using resources that you need—and no more—helps you be more cost effective.

Seamlessly move virtual servers across premises


A virtual private servers in DNSnetworks running Windows or SQL Server is no different than a server running on-premises. Easily move virtual servers between on-premises physical servers, servers at your hosting providers, and DNSnetworks. With this portability, quickly and easily replicate your SharePoint dev-test environments or secondary production sites in DNSnetworks. And of course, move them back on-premises when the need arises.

Run Microsoft applications where they run best


Bet on private cloud for ultimate security in the country where you reside with DNSnetworks Mexico. These applications have been battle-tested to perform well on DNSnetworks Cloud . Use your existing licenses with license mobility, and get first-class, first-party support across DNSnetworks. Running SharePoint on DNSnetworks ensures your solution is on the same cloud that runs Hosted Exchange, helping you to easily integrate across these.