Dedicated Cloud Servers

Choose your language, workload, operating system
With support for Linux, Windows Server, SQL Server, Oracle, IBM, and SAP, DNSnetworks Cloud Servers gives you the flexibility of virtualization for a wide range of computing solutions—development and testing, running applications, and extending your datacenter. It’s the freedom of open-source software configured the way you need it. It’s as if it was another rack in your datacenter, giving you the power to deploy an application in seconds instead of weeks.

Get more choice

It’s all about choice for your cloud servers. Choose Linux or Windows. Choose to be on-premises, in the cloud, or both. Choose your own image. With Cloud on DNSnetworks infrastructure, you’re in control.

Scale to what you need

Combine the performance of a supercomputer with the scalability of the cloud. Scale from one to thousands of cloud server instances. With data security being of utmost importance, our France datacenters, easily scale so you’re closer to your data in the cloud.

Pay the same every month

Keep your budget in check with low-cost, monthly billing. No contracts.

Enhance security and compliance

Encrypt sensitive data, protect cloud servers from viruses and malware, secure network traffic, and meet regulatory and compliance requirements.

Let us setup your cloud servers for FREE. Choose from our images or images provided by partners and the community.

Explore the power of the hybrid cloud
Create cloud servers for on-premises servers, or scale up to the cloud to help balance resources and increase your application’s availability. Cloud servers can integrate cloud capacity into your private datacentre for global load balancing when you need it, or access true, on-demand high-performance computing capabilities in the cloud.

Experience open source, with options
Deploy a full range of open-source and community-driven software solutions with DNSnetworks. Choose from a full range of Linux distributions like Red Hat, Ubuntu, SUSE, and community-driven solutions like Chef, Puppet, and Docker. Deploy cloud servers for other products like Oracle Database and Oracle WebLogic Server.

Run Microsoft enterprise applications with world-class support
It’s easy to deploy Microsoft enterprise applications on cloud servers. Our world-class support team has you covered, and our flexible technical support plans cover everything from Microsoft applications to cloud infrastructure.

Powerful enough for any business
Configure your cloud server size and performance to handle the largest business needs. DNSnetworks cloud servers deliver fast I/O performance with extremely low latencies by using the disk performance. Cloud servers are perfect for applications that demand faster CPUs, better local disk performance, and higher memory.