DNSnetworks Mexico


The DNSnetworks’ Mexico division is a Cloud managed service provider for businesses in the Mexico city area. We deliver cloud solutions to meet all types of business while backing it with levels of reliability, security and support that assures a worry free IT environment.

Who is DNSnetworks Mexico?


DNSnetworks Mexico is a division of DNSnetworks Corporation, an international based IT managed cloud solution provider with offices in Mexico, Paris, France and Ottawa, Canada. DNSnetworks provides hosting solutions for medium to large enterprises all over Mexico, North, Central America and Europe, focusing on Mexico’s medium to large sized businesses . Our cloud solutions team provides corporate Hosted Exchange email, private dedicated cloud servers, specializing in SAP hosting, web applications and database hosting solutions as well as off site encrypted backup solutions. DNSnetworks Mexico goes beyond the normal breed of a cloud managed service provider with datacentre presence in 4 geographic locations spread across North and Central America as well as Europe. Owning and operating all their cloud infrastructure for privacy reasons while providing a full suite of solutions to meet any of our customers needs in terms of privacy and data security.

What will we do for you?


Think of DNSnetworks Mexico as your IT Cloud Service Provider for Mexico’s businesses. DNSnetworks Mexico helps businesses facilitate  the consolidation of servers to either full or hybrid cloud solutions to simplify, guarantee and save long term cost for your businesses day to day operations.  Let us make your IT more efficient to manage. DNSnetworks Mexico further streamlines the experience by offering free migration services, with guaranteed enterprise-grade security, and a 99% uptime .

Grow with DNSnetworks with proven partnerships

Our partners offer insight through expertise to help us work efficiently, while continuing to succeed as a service provider.

Shawn Ebbs

CEO, Sr. System Architect / VCP, RHCE

Annie Joanisse

Finance Director

Michele Rowe

Director of Marketing Strategies

Javier Canseco

Technology Manager, Mexico

Adam Corriveau

Devops, Systems Administrator

Kyvan Emami

Systems Administrator